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When we say EVERYTHING we mean ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, including both shoes, both socks and underwear. It's amazing what can go missing in a day at school!

Summer Uniform

White polo-shirt

Navy shorts

Black shoes

Blue & white checked summer dress

White socks

Black shoes

Winter Uniform

White shirt

School tie

Navy trousers

Navy sweatshirt

Navy socks

Black shoes

White blouse

School tie

Navy skirt

Navy Cardigan

Navy tights

Black shoes

PE (Indoor)

White, round-neck T-shirt

Black shorts

Earrings out (No tape)

Black plimsols

Children in EYFS are expected to experience all types of weather as part of their curriculum entitlement and will spend time outside come rain, shine, wind or snow! Therefore we ask if they could have the following clothing (below) to be kept at school.

Wellington boots

Hooded raincoat

All school uniform carrying the school logo is available at Patricia’s (opposite the Library) or online at MyClothing.com (School receives 5% funds of all uniforms purchased through this website.)

CLICK HERE to go to the Collingwood MyClothing.com webpage.